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- University of Toledo Study Shows Facebook Use May Be Harmful: Comparing yourself to other people on Facebook may be bad for your mental health, according to a study conducted in the UT Psychology department and published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture (October 2014). Graduate students Erin Vogel and Lindsay Roberts, Associate Professor Dr. Jason Rose, and former UT honors student Katheryn Eckles conducted two studies to examine how people compare themselves to others on Facebook and how those comparisons affect them. Results showed that people feel worse about themselves after looking at others’ Facebook profiles, and frequent Facebook users have lower self-esteem in general.

-Job posting for Associate or Full Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology.

- Congratulations to Heather Rasinski who had a first-authored research paper on the confrontation of prejudice published in the journal, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin . This research is mentioned in the June 2013 issue of the popular press magazine,Psychology Today.

- Congratulations to experimental psychology doctoral student, Jill Brown, for being competitively selected to be one of the special attendees at the 2013 Behavioral Science Summer Workshop at the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School. The workshop will be held on August 7 and 8, 2013.

- Congratulations to the undergraduate recipients of scholarships awards for 2013-14! Jacob Fox and Alex Buhk were awarded the Burns Scholarship; Ciara Metzoian and Noah Alcodray were awarded the Mack Scholarship; Victoria Adkins was awarded the El-Okdi Scholarship; and Hiba Hasabelnaby was recognized as our Outstanding Psychology Student of the year. Well done! Keep up the great work.



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